Friday, November 28, 2008

Robert Morris Page (1903-1970) Physicist who invented pulsation radar used for detection of aircraft. Page served with the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C. He received the U.S. Navy Distinguished Civilian Service Award, the Presidential Certificate Merit, the IRE Fellowship Harry Diamond Memorial Award, and the Stuart Ballantyne Medal of the Franklin Institute. Robert Morris Page held thirty-seven patents, mostly in radar.

“The authenticity of the writings of the prophets, though the men themselves are human, is established by such things as the prediction of highly significant events far in the future that could be accomplished only through a knowledge obtained from a realm which is not subject to the laws of time as we know them.”

“One of the great evidences is the long series of prophesies concerning Jesus the Messiah. These prophesies extend hundreds of years prior to the birth of Christ. They include a vast amount of detail concerning Christ himself, His nature and the things He would do when He came – things which to the natural world, or the scientific world, remain to this day completely inexplicable.”

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