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Danniebelle Hall - Ordinary Woman

"Ordinary People"
Danniebelle Hall

Just ordinary people 
God uses ordinary people 
He chooses people just like me and you 
Who are willing to do as He commands 
God uses people that will give Him all 
No matter how small your all may seem to you 
Because little becomes much as you place it in the Master's hand

Just ordinary people (ordinary people) 
My God uses (plain old) ordinary people (oh yes He does) 
He chooses people just like me and you 
Who are willing, willing to do everything that He commands (oh, yes) 
God uses people that will give Him all 
No matter how small your all might seem to you 
Because little becomes much as you place it in the Master's hand

Just like that little lad 
Who gave Jesus all he had 
How the multitude was fed 
With the fish and the loaves of bread 
What you have may not seem much 
But when you yield it to the touch 
Of the Master's loving hand, yes,
Then you'll understand How your life could never be the same

Just ordinary people My God uses (plain old) ordinary people (yes) 
He chooses people just like me and you 
Who are willing to do everything that He commands 
God uses people that will give Him all 
It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter how small your all may seem to you 
Because little becomes much as you place it in the Master's hand 
(All you've got to do is give your everything to Jesus, yeah-hey) 
Little becomes much as you place it in the Master's hand

Danniebelle Hall learned to play the piano at the age of three. She confessed her faith and belief in Jesus Christ at an early age. Danniebelle was an award-winning international Gospel recording artist and composer who has been called by her Lord Jesus Christ for her grand performance in His presence and in His honor.

Danniebelle played the piano in her hometown church of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where she was born.  She attended Pittsburg public schools and Mount Mercy College - liberal arts.

She was the fourth of eight children born to William Butler Jones and Danniebelle Jones. Danniebelle had a passionate desire to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ by utilizing her talents. Her two younger sisters joined Danniebelle to become a trio - The Jones Sisters.

Danniebelle moved to San Francisco, California when she was seventeen and became acquainted with Charles E. Hall whom she married in 1958. Charles and Danniebelle had three children: Charlotte, Charles, and Cynthia. Charles and Danniebelle were members of the Lighthouse Full Gospel Church. He served as a deacon while Danniebelle served as choir director. It was her husband who encouraged Danniebelle to follow her dream of a global music ministry.

In San Francisco, she formed a gospel quartet in 1969 which she called: "The Danniebelles." They sang to units of the United States armed forces during the Vietnam War.

Traveling on tour overseas promoted the growth and popularity of "The Danniebelles" beyond their expectations. The Danniebelles toured with World Vision International ministering to thousands of people in Zamboanga, Mindanao, Philippines, and Phnom Penj, Cambodia. While on tour The Dannibelles recorded an album of their music.

A few years later, Danniebelle eventually joined her favorite Gospel group, Andraé Crouch and the Disciples. "Soon and Very Soon," "Take Me Back," "Tell Them," and "Quiet Times" were gospel recordings in which Danniebelle was featured. 

A personal side note: I attended a Christian festival known as "Jesus '75" in which I had the pleasure of hearing Danniebelle perform with Andraé Crouch and the Disciples. It was the first time in which I heard Andre and the Disciples and could clearly hear Danniebelle. The gracious tenderness of her voice anointed with the Holy Spirit touched my heart leaving a lasting impression. I eventually purchased the album "Take Me Back" which is a wonderful classic Gospel album I treasure.

For the next two and a half decades; Danniebelle recorded and sang on several solo albums. She traveled world wide. "Danniebelle Live in Sweden" (Sparrow, 1977) is one of my favorite albums which she recorded in Sweden.

Danniebelle used her own personal trials to minister to others as she spread the love of Jesus Christ to people with whom she became acquainted. Danniebelle composed and arranged her music while finding great fulfillment in writing lyrics that touches needy hearts hungry for the love of God. Danniebelle was greatly admired for setting biblical passages to music. She was one who encouraged and inspired new and younger artists to fulfill their aspirations to serve Jesus Jesus through their music.

Danniebelle has been admired by others for having set to music various passages of the Bible. Among the notable artists for whom Danniebelle penned songs were Eartha Kitt, Pat Boone, and James Cleveland.

Danniebelle Hall dedicated her life to win the lost to Jesus Christ through her music ministry. She had a special gift - an anointing from God to touch the hearts of wounded and lost through her music and ministry. Danniebelle has a delightful warm personality, a 'down to earth' personality that made people feel comfortable, welcome, and loved in her presence. That wonderful touch of gentle kindness and encouragement was experienced through listening to her recording.

Danniebelle took the time from a busy schedule of touring to honor Christal Roberts' home with her presence on April 9, 1976. She visited Christal during a twenty-four hour time span before traveling overseas to minister. Christal was celebrating her 15th birthday when Danniebelle visited her. The memory of this special day of celebration brought joy and would become an unforgettable experience. Danniebelle brought a copy of her most recent album "This Moment" which she graciously autographed for Christal. For forty-five minutes, Danniebelle blessed Christal's family and friends with a concert in the family livingroom.

This gracious act of kindness by Danniebelle would forever change Christal's life. Christal patiently waited on God to bring the two of them together again.

Twenty-two years would pass before God gave his approval and smiled upon Christal during the sunset season of Danniebelle's life. They spent several days together in which the two daughters of Christ laughed, prayed together and encouraged each other. 

They were seperated when Danniebelle received her personal invitation to perform before her Savior and Lord on December of 2000. Christal continues to keep Danniebelle's memory fresh and alive by sharing her testimony of God's gracious love and favor. Christal has traveled across the United States and Europe has her mentor Danniebelle had done before her bringing the Good News of Jesus through her music. Christal Roberts is an psalmist anointed by God. She is a talented musician, music arranger, and songwriter of the living God. Her love of music began in her childhood and she started to sing at the age of two.

The title track "Thank You" from her CD of the same title has great significance for the listener will recognize the smooth distinctive voice of Danniebelle Hall. Danniebelle was a wonderful friend who encouraged Christal; this song would be her last recording before she was called home to perform before Jesus.

She played piano beautifully and sang with gentle gracious comforting words of encouragement. Danniebelle's intimate style of singing and songwriting has been compared to Robera Flack. It was not unusual for Danniebelle to simply serenade the Father and create a worshipful atmosphere while performing. 

Danniebelle traveled to Nigeria in the mid eighties. Upon returning, she lived in Monroeville, PA and served as Ministress of Music at The Lords Church which was pastored by Pastor Archie Dennis. When her tenure ended at The Lords Church, Danniebelle chose to return to the Northern California Bay Area. It was there where she awaited her next assignment from the Lord.

That assignment came through Pastor John Cherry where she ministered at his church in Temple Hills, Maryland. While she served at Pastor Cherry's church. 

Danniebelle ministered in various churchs performing at various concerts throughout the United States and overseas. Danniebelle wrote "O Se' Bab" (pronounced "Oh Shay") and several other songs which she recorded on two albums: "Designer's Original" and "The Best Gets Better."

Danniebelle wrote: 

"Little did I know that my faith would be tested to the max. There was something about that declaration of faith in God made in the song "Aint No Devil in Hell Gonna Walk on the Jesus in Me" that was really going to be put to the test."

Danniebelle experienced her biggest personal battle in 1995. In June of 1995, Danniebelle was with E.K. Bailey, a good friend, while at the Concord Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. Danniebelle experienced her first seizure in Dallas. Doctors informed her that her kidneys were failing. She had been an insulin dependent diabetic for a number of years and was being treated for hypertension. Before long she would need kidney dialysis. Furthermore, Danniebelle had a mammogram which resulted in a mastectomy.

There were other operations, an appendectomy, and the insertion of a pace maker. Danniebelle's left leg was amputated due to gangrene sore which appeared on her left heal. There were multiple hospitalizations due to gastroporesis and diabetic neuropathy of her right hand and leg.

When Danniebelle couldn't take care of herself, everyone in her family worked hard to care for her and meet her needs. Danniebelle recounts that she didn't have just one doctor but numerous doctors: Nephrologist (kidney), Vascular Surgeon (circulation), Oncologist (breast cancer), Opthalmologist (eyes), and Gastroenterologist (stomach).

Eventually her left leg was amputated below the knee. Danniebelle experienced a host of other health related issues but her faith in her beloved Jesus increased each day. 

In 1996, doctors said that Danniebelle had six to nine months to live. But God wasn't ready to bring her home. Through her suffering, Danniebelle could minister to others who experienced health problems and introducing those who did not know her savior to the gracious kindness of Jesus Christ.

She began a website as a meeting place where friends and fans could encouraging words of faith from Danniebelle. She would post updates which detailed her personal battle with diabetes and share with her fans an enormous sense of determination and faith in her God. Friends, and fans would post messages of encouragement to Danniebelle while holding her up in prayer.

Danniebelle's letter are very inspirational for her faith in her Lord Jesus remained strong till the end of her sojourn on earth "and the beginning of her everlasting life."

Danniebelle declared: "God has delivered me so far from those days." 

She was residing in an assisted living facility and became the resident chaplin. Danniebelle was the youngest resident at the facility and conducted weekly Bible studies. She would hold memorial services and visit other residents giving encouraging words to the people who came into her life whom she treasured.

Danniebelle declared: 
"Basically, my mission is to help prepare the residents for their next big move."

Danniebelle regained a measure of health and was able to do many daily tasks in which she once needed assistance. A motorized wheelchair enabled her a new level of independence.

Danniebelle expressed her appreciation to South Bay Community Church which was her church and to her pastor Dr. Stanley Long. She expressed her thanks to those friends who visited

"Thanks to God for your prayers and his grace and mercy. I know that I am going to make it....Aint No Devil in Hell Gonna Walk on the JESUS in me!!!!"

Her brother, and husband Charles preceded her in death. Danniebelle left two daughters and a son, three sisters, three brothers, two sons-in-law, and eight grandchildren who cherish her memory. They delight in continuing Danniebelle's legacy by making her recordings available to old and new friends who become acquainted with Danniebelle and her music.

"We all had the privilege to take a seat and listen; we would then be ushered into His Spirit bny this great woman of God."

Danniebelle Hall "entered the gates of heaven complete with both legs, whole and anew" on December 28, 2000. When Danniebelle passed on peacefully; she left the world a wonderful legacy. Although her presence on earth is missed; her legacy and music lives on in all of us who treasure this beloved woman of God.

Here are Danniebelle's solo albums 

Danniebelle (Light, 1974)
He Is King (Light, 1974)
This Moment (Light, 1975)
Let Me Have a Dream (Sparrow, 1976)
Danniebelle Live in Sweden (Sparrow, 1977)
Unmistakably Danniebelle (Onyx, 1978)
Song of the Angels (Onyx, 1983)
Designers Original (CGI, 1994)
The Best Gets Better (CGI, 1995)
Remembering the Times (EMI, 2001)

Let Me Have a Dream - Danniebelle Hall

Words & Music by Danniebelle Hall

Life really begins when you give your heart to your Creator
And He puts His love deeps within your soul
He gives you the power to see your friends and enemies as people who need His love
And to see yourself as a vessel through which His love can flow
Oh, you’re a vessel through which His love can flow
Life really begins the very moment you accept Him
He gives you the courage to face reality
He gives you the power to change the things you know you've got to change
And He gives you the grace to accept the things that have to be
Oh, you'll accept the things that have to be
Life full of meaning
Life abundant and free (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Life that opens up the door to all eternity
Yeah, life really begins with Jesus
Oh, life full of meaning
Life abundant and free (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Life that opens up the door to all eternity
Yeah, life really begins with Jesus

IN HIS PRESENCE (Psalm 16:11)
Danniebelle Hall

As I kneel before Your throne, dear Father
I come boldly in the name of Your Son
Giving You the praise and the glory
For all the mighty things that You have done
Oh, how I welcome every moment
Oh, how I treasure every hour
That we spend together in Your presence (oooo, yes)
As I learn of Your sweet love and holy power
No great gift have I to offer
Because everything I have You gave to me
The praises of my mouth and the worship from my heart
That's the best I have, my best I give to Thee
Oh, how I welcome every moment
Oh, how I treasure every hour
That we spend together in Your presence (oooo, yes)
As I learn of Your sweet love and holy power
How love to be in Your presence, dear Lord (oooo)

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Carojean said...

Thank you so very much for this website about Danniebelle. When I heard her sing let me have a dream in the early 80s I was blessed and inspired. Danniebelle was such an inspiration. I have been looking for music for some of her songs in the uk it's nigh on impossible. I have found the music for ordinary people on grace notes, but if you know of anywhere I can buy her song sheets please could you post it here? I would be grateful. Thank you

City-On-A-Hill said...

Carojean, It's August 2015 and a few years have passed since I posted the lyrics of some of my favorite songs by Danniebelle Hall. It's been a while since I posted on my blog due to several personal tragedies which I have experienced.

I actually have some books of music by Danniebelle. If you would like to have them; I would be delighted forward them to somebody who truly appreciates her music. I ask nothing for the books but ask you might help pay for the shipping cost - whatever that may be. If you might receive this message, I hope we may arrange a transfer of information - your address by which I can send the books via mail!