Saturday, September 10, 2011

Francis Marion - "The Swamp Fox" (1732 - 1795)

Brigadier General Francis Marion is considered to be among the fathers of guerrilla warfare. General Marion served in the South Carolina Militia and was known as the “Swamp Fox” during the American War for Independence. “Marion's Brigade” was a volunteer force of patriots who would assemble in a moment's notice, attack British or Loyalists garrisons and disappear to their base of operations in the swamps of South Carolina.

General Nathaniel Green praised the commander of “Marion's Brigade”

“Surrounded on every side with a superior force, hunted from every quarter with veteran troops, you have found means to elude their attempts and keep alive the expiring hopes of an oppressed militia”

Francis Marion served in the South Carolina Senate after the American colonies won their independence from England. He profoundly declared:

“Who can doubt that God created us to be a happy, and thereto made us to love one another? It is plainly written as the Gospel. The heart is sometimes so embittered that nothing but Divine love can sweeten it, so enraged that devotion can only becalm it, and so broken down that it takes all the forces of heavenly hope to raise it. In short, the religion of  Jesus Christ is the only sure and controlling power over sin.”

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