Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Molasses Act – 1733

“Whereas the welfare and prosperity of your Majesty's sugar colonies in America are of the greatest consequence and importance to the trade, navigation and strength of this kingdom...there shall be raised, levied, collected, and paid...upon all rum or spirits of the produce or manufacture of any of the colonies or plantations in America, not in the possession or under the dominion of his Majesty...the sum of nine pence, money of Great Britain, to be paid according to the proportion and value of five shillings and six pence the ounce of silver, for ever gallon thereof...and upon all molasses or syrups of such foreign produce or manufacture as aforesaid, which shall be imported or brought into any of the said colonies or plantations of or belonging to his Majesty, the sum of six pence of like money for every gallon thereof, and upon all sugars and paneles of such foreign growth...a duty after the rate of five shillings of like money for every hundred weight avoirdupois...” 

George II, May 17, 1733

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