Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Navigation Act of 1660

"For the increase of shipping and encouragement of the navigation of this it enacted by the king's most excellent Majesty, and by the Lords and Commons in the present Parliament assembled, and by the authority goods or commodities whatsoever shall be imported or exported out of any lands, islands, plantations, or territories to his Asia, Africa, or America, in any other ship or ships, vessel or vessels whatsoever, but in such ships or vessels as do truly and without fraud
belong only to the people of England or Ireland, dominion of Wales or town of Berwick upon Tweed, or are of the built of and belonging to any the said lands, plantations, or territories, as the proprietors and right owners thereof, and whereof the master and three fourths of the mariners at least are English; under the penalty of the forfeiture and loss of all the goods and commodities which shall be imported into or exported out of any the aforesaid places in any other ship or vessel, as also of the ship or vessel, with all its guns, furniture, tackle, ammunition, and apparel...And be it enacted, that no alien or person not born within the alliance of our sovereign lord the king, his heirs and successors, or naturalized, or made a free denizen...exercise the trade or occupation of a merchant or factor in any of the said places; upon pain of the forfeiture and loss of all his goods and chattels...And be it further sugars, tobacco, cotton-wool, indigoes, ginger fustic, or other dying wood, of the growth, production, or manufacture of any English plantations in America, Asia, or Africa, shall be shipped, carried, conveyed, or transported from any of the said English plantations to any land...or place whatsoever, other than to such other English plantations...England or Ireland, or principality of Wales...” 

Charles II, September 13, 1660

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